Sunkko GLITTER 801D Battery Spot Welder 12 KW Capacitor Energy Storage Spot Welding 18650 266550

  • ₱13,999.00

- The newly designed GLITTER battery spot welder is equipped with two super capacitors for energy storage and power supply for pulse welding. Compared to a traditional AC spot welder, it does not interfere with the electric circuit, which means no more tripping problems. The machine’s super energy-gathered pulse technology combines with a max welding power of 19.8 KW to provide a reliable welding effect.
- The welder’s small size and light weight make it more portable compared to a bulky traditional spot welder. The aluminum alloy housing also provides a more powerful and reliable machine.
- Equipped with the 75A separated-style spot welding pen, ‘AT’ automatic welding mode and the new time-delay welding function, this machine allows you to work easily and efficiently. The low power consumption technology enables you to use the machine efficiently for 12 hours with no heating problems.
- The pulse welding power can be seen on the LED screen and set via two adjusting buttons(0-99 range). 0.45mm nickel plated and 0.4mm pure nickel can be easily welded with the 420 J max energy.
- Widely used in battery pack building&maintenance and common metal welding. The 801H model can be especially used for welding pure nickel(0.2mm) to the aluminum pole of lithium iron phosphate battery directly, offering you the battery pack AL to Ni low-cost welding solution.

Packing List
- Main Machine x 1
- Power Adapter x 1
- 73S Handle-push Welding Arm x 1
- 75A Separated-style Welding Pen x 1
- 73B Intelligent Welding Pen x 1
- Foot Pedal Switch x 1
- Pure Nickel Strips x 20 pcs
- Aluminum-nickel Composite Strips x 20 pcs

Model 801H
Power Adapter Input AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
Power Adapter Output 15 V 2-3 A
Machine Input DC 15 V 2-3 A
Machine Charging Time 5-15 minutes
Output Welding Voltage 5.6-6 V
Output Welding Current 500-3500 A(pulse)
Maximum Welding Power 19.8 KW
Maximum Welding Energy 420 J
Pulse Time 0.2-20 ms
Welding Power Adjustment Range 0-99 t
Welding Mode AT/MT
Pulse Delayed Time 100-500 ms
Welding Thickness of Nickel 0.05-0.45 mm
Package Size 8.9 x 8.1 x 7.7 inches
Package Weight 7.6 lbs