Sunkko Active balancer 4-24 5A 8A 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V lithium lifepo4 batteries 18650 32650

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-Balance mode: energy transfer active balance

-Equalizing current: 1.2a 5A max 8A max

-Cable laying interface: 3.81 interface

-The equalizing voltage difference can reach 0.01V. The actual equalizing current is related to the difference between batteries. The greater the difference, the greater the current. At the same time, the equalizing current is also related to the length of connecting cable and the cross-sectional area of conductor. Shorter and thicker high-quality conductors are used for connection.

- Applicable battery type: lithium iron phosphate battery pack / ternary lithium battery pack

Suitable Series: 4S-13S 4-24S

Suitable Battery: LiFePO4/Li-ion