Sunkko Active balancer 4-24 5A 8A 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V lithium lifepo4 batteries 18650 32650

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- Applicable battery type: Lithium ternary battery/ Lithium iron phosphate

- Applicable battery strings: Bal504A:4S 5A, Bal513:4-13S 5A, Bal524: 4-24S 5A, Bal804A:4S 8A, Bal813A:4-13S 8A, Bal824A:4-24S 8A

- Best balance effect: 0.01~0.02V

- Recommended equalizing battery voltage: above 3.2V

- Equalizing current: 0~8A

- Interface:3.81

- Low voltage automatic shutdown: 2.7V (2.5V)/series

- Equalization mode: parallel energy transfer mode Power consumption of standby load: < 5ma12v (power supply of the fourth series)

- Power consumption in battery balance state after startup: 80ma (Voltage difference=10mv)

- Auto start trigger voltage: +70mv

- Automatic startup and shutdown voltage: +20mv

Package Included:

- 1 x Lithium Battery Pack Voltage Equalization Controller

- 2 x 3.81mm Sockets

- 1 x Bundle of Cables (360mm/14.2")

- 1 x Board to Test Line Sequence

- 1 x Screwdriver

Equalizing Current and Equalizing Time:

1. The standard equalizing current of the equalizing module and equalizer is the maximum current that can be output or absorbed by the product design, and is also the maximum current allowed to flow through the chip on this product.

2. When the equalizer is used to equalize the battery pack, the equalizing current is affected by the following factors:

2.1. Internal resistance of battery pack;

2.2. The resistance of flat cable;

2.3. The contact resistance of plugin;

2.4. Voltage difference between battery cells (unbalanced situation)

A: The smaller the internal resistance of the battery pack, the greater the equalizing current

B: The smaller the resistance of wire and plug-in, the greater the equalizing current

C: The greater the battery voltage difference, the greater the equalizing current

3. The measurement method of the balance current:

Since the equalizing current is affected by the loop resistance, when it is connected to the ammeter, it will increase the loop resistance and reduce the balanced current, so it is not recommended to use a connected ammeter. In addition, disconnecting the equalizer line during normal equalization operation will cause damage to the equalizer, so only a DC clamp ammeter can be used to test the current.

4. Equalization time:

A: Under the condition of the same internal resistance of the battery, it can work in balance with the maximum current, and the time is shorter.

B: The equalization time of a large-capacity battery pack will be longer.

C: The smaller the equalization voltage difference, the longer the time.

D: When the equalization work is in the final stage, the voltage difference is very small and the current is small, so the period of time is also long.

E: When the active continuous online balance is used, the balance state is ideal, and the battery voltage difference can also be controlled between 30MV-80MV. This method does not need to pay attention to the time.