SUNKKO A300+ Pneumatic Battery Spot Welder machine w/Built-in Air Compressor, 6KW 1200A 18650 32650

  • ₱44,999.00


- The newly designed SUNKKO A300+ pneumatic battery spot welder integrates the latest built-in air compressor design with the transformer pulse welding technology. Compared to the traditional spot welder, it is suitable for bulk production of lithium battery pack and greatly improves the working efficiency.

- The A300+ provides the 1200A max welding current and 6KW max welding power, 0.2mm pure nickel and 0.3mm nickel plated can be easily welded.

- The detachable A30 pneumatic welding head displays the real-time welding current and voltage when welding pulse is triggered. The laser aiming device on the A30 welding head helps to position the welding needles for accurate welding effect.

- The LCD screen displays the welding parameters setting and barometer displays the air pressure. The pulse numbers, welding power and air compressor pressure can be conveniently adjusted by buttons and knob.

- Widely used in lithium battery pack building and common metal welding like stain steel, iron , nickel, titanium, etc. Please notice that jewelry and metal like gold, silver, copper, aluminum cannot be welded.

Package List

  • Main Machine x 1
  • A30 Pneumatic Welding Head x 1
  • 73B Intelligent Welding Pen x 1
  • Foot Pedal Switch x 1
  • Pulley Base Plate x 1
  • Hexagonal Wrench x 1
  • Replacing Welding Needles x 4
  • 20A Fuse Tube x 2; 2A Fuse Tube x 1

Product Parameters

Model A300+

Power Supply AC 100-120V 50/60 Hz

Max Welding Current 1200A

Max Welding Voltage 6 V

Max Welding Power 6 KW

Load Sustained Rate 55%

Pulse Numbers 1-5

Pulse Power Range 01-99

Max Welding Pressure 1.5 kg

Max Welding Downstroke 24 mm

Air Compressor Power 200 W

Air Compressor Pressure 0.35-0.55 MPa

Air Compressor Noise 35-40 dB

Product Size 19.9 x 7.5 x 13.4 inches

Product Weight 43.7 lbs