SUNKKO 950T Pro 480C 75W Mini Electric Soldering Iron Station Adjustable Temperature Portable

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The anti-static constant soldering is used fast constant technical, integrated heat sensor element and professional microchip controlled technical. There are the features of fast heat and constant temperature precisely. It could be supplied by variable frequency power with low voltage 22V. There is 60W power to increase heat. Also, the anti-static constant soldering could be used widely in the world.


1:We could know the temperature of electric soldering iron well through the LED digital screen.

2:The heat of electric soldering iron speed up rapidly. The temperature reach to 350℃ (662℉) only around 6-8 seconds. And it is in constant temperature.

3:There is a protection of overheat for safety operation. And it also extends the using life.

4:It is used T12 series heating core and temperature sensor for controlling temperature fast and steady.

5:The designed of handle is light and easy to operate. The working efficiency get improvement.

6:There is a setting temperature system which is controlled actual temperature of soldering tip and adjust the volume.

Product information

- Soldering station parameter

- Brand/Model:SUNKKO 950T PRO

- Output power:75W

- Output voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

- Output voltage: DC22V (Maximum)

- Temperature range: 200-480℃(392~896℉)

- Controlled temperature operation: knobfor adjustment

- Heat-up time: the temperature reach to 350℃(662℉)only 6-8 seconds in room temperature 25℃

- Size: 80(length)*80(width)*58(height)mm

Electric soldering iron parameter

- Voltage/power: DC20V / 70W Weight: 55g

- he heating element: integrated T12-B2

- The length with cable: 80CM

- Ground connection impedance of electric soldering tip: ≤2Ω

- Attention: Also display Fahrenheit temperature of SUNKKO 950T PRO could be selected.

Packing list

- SUNKKO 950T PRO anti-static constant solder X 1

- Electric soldering iron (including integrated T12-B2 soldering core) X1 set

- SUNKKO soldering iron stand / Thermostability sponge X 1 set

- Power cable X1 (EU UK AU US The plug of your choice)

- Manual / Warranty card x1