SUNKKO 737G Battery Spot Welding Machine Spot Welder for 18650 32650 Lithium Battery Pack

  • ₱6,499.00


- Use micro chip for controlling precision current to weld in precision.

- There are wide range of selecting current(1/2 pulse) can be selected to make your work more convenient,safe and efficient.

- Controlled by micro computer.

- Welding power can be set and displayed on Led panel.

I- t is suitable for welding charging battery pack, button cell leads, hardware to process, etc.

737G is equipped with dual pulse mode selection and 0 ~ 99 level current setting, which can allow the machine to weld nickel strip within 0.05 ~ 0.2 mm thickness, making the spot more reliable.

The combination of fixed welding head and foot switch will meet users' different requirements. This spot welding device is suitable for most small battery packs welding.


Input voltage: AC 220V

Power:1.5KW (Instantons max)

Primary current: 2A-15A

Welding current: 50A-800A

The width of 1 pulse time:0.5-5ms (Variable)

The width of 2 pulse time:1-10ms (Variable)

Net Weight:4.3KG


Welding thickness:0.05-0.2mm (For pure Nickle strip, welding thickness is 0-0.15mm)

(1 pulse:0.05-0.12mm; 2 pulse:0.12-0.2mm)

Work cycle: Less than 20 times in 1 minute for intermittent welding.

Range of application:

1.Welding different kinds of rechargeable batter wire lead.

2.Assembling and welding lithium battery and mobile power.

3.Repairing battery packs.

4.Welding lead sheets and wire of hardware parts.

Packing List:

737G main machine x1

Foot pedal x1

Hex wrench x1

Welding pins x4

Fuse x2

Instruction Manual