SUNKKO 737DH with Pen Battery Spot Welding Machine Spot Welder 18650 32650 Lithium Pack

  • ₱14,999.00


- THE PERFECT CHOICE: Whether you deal with electronic device maintenance, you work with factory assembly lines, battery production, technical school training, this SUNKKO spot welder provides rapid and accurate welding results!

- LED DISPLAY PANEL: This SUNKKO battery spot welding machine features a state of the art LED display panel showing the actual welding current value display as well as current pulses setting, for a safe user experience.

- TWO WELDING MODES: Choose from dual welding modes, automatic and foot pedal switch and enjoy the user-friendly foot control interface which is highly practical and easy to maneuver.

- INTELLIGENT DELAY FUNCTION: Unlike similar products on the market, this SUNKKO spot welder features an intelligent time delay function on the AT mode, with 0.4, 0.5 and 0.6 optional settings and superposition up to 1.5 seconds.

- REMOVABLE PULSE WELDING PEN: This SUNKKO battery spot welder includes a removable pulse welding pen with a 16mm2 cable area and a pin size of 1.5x7mm. Perfect for DIY projects, hobby and craft enthusiasts.


A 40A-60A circuit breaker may help to prevent tripping out.

- Welding thickness of fixed welding head: 0.05*0.25mm;

- LED display panel with current value and pulse settings.

- Welding pen cable area: 16 mm²

- Size of welding pin: Φ 1.5 mm * 7 mm

- The adjustable distance of welding pin: 2-7 mm

- The total length of the removable welding pen: ~580 mm

- The adjustable distance of telescopic arm: 0.15-0.35mm;


- Intelligent auto-triggering spot welding

- Pulse power and current precise adjusting

- Time delay spot welding

- Actual welding current value monitoring

- Foot pedal controlling spot welding


Input voltage 220V

Welding current 120-1200A

2 pulse time 1-10ms

4 pulse time 2-20ms

8 pulse time 8-80ms

Size 140x230x200mm

Weight 7 kg