Power Central Tested LiFePO4 screw Flat type 6500 Brand New 2023 rechargeable 3.2V 32650 32700 battery manufactured by Tipsun

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we offer 1 Year warranty for Power Central 32700

Note: all cells are capacity tested with 0.2C 1200ma Discharge rate
Battery weight: about 145g
Battery model: 32700
Capacity: 6500 to 6700mah
Type: LiFePo4
Standard Voltage: 3.2V
Max Voltage: 3.65V
Standard Current: 1C
Internal Resistance: 8mΩ - 9mΩ
Expect cyclelife: 1500-3000 times
Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.5V
Max continuous discharge current: 18A
Diameter: 32mm
Height : 700mm