Power Central Daly Smart BMS Accessories Touch Screen LCD Can Bus lifepo4 lithium

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- only compatible with Daly/Power Central Smart BMS is not compatible with non smart bms

- Touch screen LCD display: supports 485 and UART communication, only some parameters can be modified

- 485 baud rate :for communication with the host. 9600/kbs or 115200/kbs. CAN baud rate for communication with the host: 250/kbs or 500/kbs.


- Smart DALY BMS Software Protection Board Accessories】Bluetooth module: available to connect with Android and iOS app and can view the battery status in real time by mobile phone. With BT module, you can set the battery capacity, protection temperature, protection voltage, etc.

- Smart DALY BMS Software Protection Board Accessories】LCD screen:The BMS color touch screen is always on when the PCB board charge controller is working, and the screen will be black only when the BMS goes on.

- Smart DALY BMS Accessories for RS485/CAN Software Protection Card: USB to RS485 data cable, battery management system must include RS485/CAN communication port.