Power Central Daly Smart Active Balancer 1A Current for 4S 8S 16S Li-ion LiFePO4 12V 24V BMS

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Daly Active Equalizer Selection Instructions


1.The active equalizer and battery pack must be of the same type.

Eg. Li-ion Active Equalizer, with Li-ion battery pack.


1.The strings of the active equalizer and the battery pack must be the same, cannot be connected in different strings.

Eg. 5 strings active equalizer with 5 strings battery pack.

Equalizer current

1.Large voltage difference, short wire and thick wire, can be equipped with large balanced current.

Eg. The equalizing current value should be appropriate. The larger the current, the faster the balance is, but the requirements for the circuit are also high.


DALY Smart Active Equalizer Equalize cells voltage

Intelligent management and control of power transfer between cells. Realize the voltage balance of each cell, improve the overall performance of the battery pack.

The equalizing current: 0 ~1A Suitable for 3-24s Li-ion battery pack, LiFepo4 battery pack and Lithium Titanate Battery Pack.Adapt to different brands of BMS.

Sensitive Detection Full Time Active Equalization

It will not be restricted by battery charging, discharging, static, dormant state, etc. Once the cell voltage triggers the active equalization, it can automatically start power transmission until voltage equalizing.

Smart communication Real-time control

Support UART, RS485 and other communication, It can be connected to the phone Bluetooth APP and the host computer,Real-time intelligent monitoring and setting of actively balanced data.

Improve performance Delay deterioration

Realize energy transfer between cells, prevent premature deterioration of some cells, so that the overall battery pack power stronger and more stable.

Equalization of Power Transfer

Transfer power with 0~1A current, non-internal resistance energy dissipation equalization and low heating, can be connected to the battery pack for a long time. Take a 16 strings battery pack as an example, after 6 hours of active equalization. Set the equalizing current to 0.6A, the voltage difference to 0.02V, and the number of string to be 16.

Strong suitability Easy to assemble

Daly smart active equalizer is suitable for different brands of BMS, can be used with other manufacturers' hardware boards, with Bluetooth function, can set and watch the battery equalizing current, equalizing voltage, etc.

Selected Component Seiko Manufacturing

Dust-proof, shockproof, anti-static, ant the shell can withstand 80°℃ high temperature.

Lithium electricity standard wide application

Suitable for Li-ion, LiFePO4, and Lithium Titanate battery packs.It can protect the voltage balance of the cell when installed in the battery pack.

Product Parameters

Battery pack type: Li-ion, LiFepo4, Lithium Titanate

Battery strings: 4s, 8s, 16s

Equalizing method: active equalizing

The equalizing current: 0.5~1A (Settable)

Dormant current: 300uA