Power Central Daly Active Balancer 5A Current for 4S 8S 16S LiFePO4 12V 24V 48V BMS

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- Connecting and discharging method: After connecting the row of wires, use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage of each string of the row of wires and the total voltage is normal, the voltage of each string of lithium ternary 3.0-4.15V or so; the voltage of each string of lithium iron batteries 2.5-3.6V or so.

- BMS features: 5A high-efficiency equalization, energy transfer equalization with less heat and more safety, automatic on/off equalization, 24-hour real-time equalization, high-quality capacitors with reliable performance, anti-dumbing snap design to avoid accidental insertion.

- 24-hour full-time equalization:Whether the battery is in charging, discharging or hibernation state, it will be automatically equalized to repair the pressure difference in time. Efficiently equalize the differential pressure of the battery cell, and significantly improve the battery performance.

- Transfer equalization: equalization current is as high as 5A, compared with 1A equalization, the highest efficiency can be increased by 5 times. Energy transfer equalization, low energy consumption, less heat generation, high security, long-term access to the battery.

- Package: 1 x* balance cable, 1 x* battery equalizer

Battery pack type: Lifepo4

Number of battery strings: 4s 8s 16s strings

Equalization current: <5A

Equalization mode: active equalization

Sleep current: <100uA

Operating power consumption: <1mA

Equalization accuracy: ±10mV

Operating Temperature: -20° C ~ 60° C

Equalization on condition: the first single string voltage>3.1±0.1V

Equalization off conditions: the first series single string voltage <3.0±0.1V

Equalization indicator: 1. bright: equalization on 2. extinguished: not open equalization/failure

Size: 97*65*21mm (4-8 strings) 163*65*21mm (16 strings)