NEEY 15A 2-24S Smart Active Balancer Balancing Accuracy 1MV 12V 24V 36V 48V 72V Lifepo4 Battery Balance Board Electric Bicycle

  • ₱25,555.00

- Suitable For 2 To 24 String Battery Packs: The equalizer is suitable for 2 to 24 string battery packs with voltage acquisition and equalization functions. The equalizer works with a continuous 15A equalization current to transfer energy without depending on the voltage difference of series cells in the battery pack. The voltage acquisition range is 1. 5V to 4. 5V, and the accuracy is 1mV. It is suitable for the mainstream ternary lithium battery, lithium iron battery and lithium titana
- Wide Application: This equalizer can be applied to the battery pack of small sightseeing cars, commuting cars, shared cars, high power energy storage, base station backup power, solar power stations, etc. It can also be used for battery equalization maintenance, repair, etc.
- Balance Management System: Intelligent Active Balancer is a balance management system tailored for high capacity series battery packs.
- Communication Function: This equalizer has communication function and comes with mobile APP software. You can connect the equalizer via to check the single battery voltage, check the equalization status, modify the setting parameters and other operations.
- Super Capacitor: This equalizer uses super capacitor as the medium, which allows active energy transfer equalization.

Item Type: Smart Active Equalizer Balancer
Material: ABS
Applicable String Number: 2S-24S
Cascade: Support Cascade
Reverse Connection Protection: Support Disorder Power On Detection or Protection
External Power Supply: DC 12-120V
Support Battery Type: Ternary Lithium Battery (NCM), Lithium Iron Battery (LFP), Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO)
Monomer Voltage Operating Range: 1.5V-4.5V
Undervoltage Protection Sleeping Voltage:
APP Customizable Setting: 1.5-4.2V
Equalization Method: Time Sharing Single Channel Transfer, Point to Point Energy Transfer
Equalization Current:
APP Customizable Setting: