LiitoKala Lii-S8 Universal Battery Charger Lithium ion 18650

  • ₱1,699.00

1. Dc12.0v 4.0A(minimum) input, intelligent charging and microcomputer management system for each tank;

2. The biggest highlight of this charger is that it can charge rapidly with multiple channels of 2 amps at the same time and 9V nickel metal hydride charging battery;

3. Charging current has five grades 0.30A/0.50A /0.70A /1.00A/2.00A;

4. Charging current:

4.1 lithium-ion batteries (3.70 V / 3.80 V) and lithium iron phosphate batteries (3.20 V) on electricity, according to buy battery internal resistance by detecting system automatic configuration CURRENT size, if you want to change the charging electric CURRENT size can be long press CURRENT, first to flash show short when CURRENT value according to the CURRENT key, you can select charging CURRENT (A/A / 0.50 0.30 0.70 2.00 1.00 A/A/A) (note: in the first 1/3/6/8 slot maximum charging CURRENT is 2.0 A, 1.0 A maximum in the first 2/4/5/7 slots). The charging current between the first and second slots, the third and fourth slots, the fifth and sixth slots, and the seventh and eighth slots will not exceed 2A in total, that is, when one slot is charged with 2A current, and then put the battery into the other slot, the 2A current will fall back to 1A current charging;

4.2Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery (1.20V) charging current is fixed at 0.50A, and current cannot be selected;

4.3 The nickel metal hydride (9.0V) rechargeable battery can be charged in a specific place, and two batteries can be charged at the same time. The charging current of each battery is about 85mA;

5. When charging, the LCD can display the battery symbol/CH and the groove groove tao battery type/charging current A/V battery voltage, charging time h/charging capacity mAh and percentage % / battery internal resistance m Ω data; When the battery is full, the data on the LCD will be saved and displayed at 100%. The battery symbol will not move when the battery is full. Each slot pair should have red and green indicator LED lights. The red light will be on when charging, the green light will be on when standby and stop charging, and the red light will flash warning when the battery or slot channel is abnormal (short circuit/reverse connection, etc.);

6. The system can automatically identify lithium battery 3.70V and nickel metal hydride/nickel cadmium (1.20V) batteries. Press MODE button to manually select lithium iron phosphate battery 3.20V and lithium iron 3.80V batteries (IMR).

7. With activation function of 0V voltage, 1.65-2.20V cannot be charged (but there will be activation current trickling charging);

8. It has multiple safety protection functions, such as overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, reverse connection, etc. At the same time, it can automatically identify the bad battery intelligently;

9. Charging mode: constant current and constant voltage.