LiitoKala Lii-S8 8 lii-S12 12 Slots LCD Battery Charger for lithium ion LiFePO4 Ni-MH Ni-Cd 9V 21700 20700 26650 18650

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Specification for Charger LII-S8

I. Warning:

1. This charger can only charge cylindrical lithium ion battery (Li-Ion-3.70V /3.80V), lithium iron phosphate battery (LifePO4-3.20V), and ni-MH/NICd-1.20V; And the square 9V ni-MH-9V rechargeable battery;

2. Before use, please carefully refer to the manual, pay attention to the recommended charging current of the rechargeable battery, do not exceed the recommended charging current;

3. Choose to use the 12.0V DC adapter, and the supply current shall not be less than 4.0A (ampere);

4. The charger may get hot when charging, please put it out of the reach of children to charge;

5. When it stops using, please unplug the power and remove the battery;

6. It can only be used at room temperature.

7. The test data of this product is for reference only, please refer to professional instruments for the actual situation.

Ii. Charger Specifications and Functions:

1. Dc12.0v 4.0A(minimum) input, intelligent charging and microcomputer management system for each tank;

2. The biggest highlight of this charger is that it can charge rapidly with multiple channels of 2 amps at the same time and 9V nickel metal hydride charging battery;

3. Charging current has five grades 0.30A/0.50A /0.70A /1.00A/2.00A;

4. Charging current:

4.1 lithium-ion batteries (3.70 V / 3.80 V) and lithium iron phosphate batteries (3.20 V) on electricity, according to buy battery internal resistance by detecting system automatic configuration CURRENT size, if you want to change the charging electric CURRENT size can be long press CURRENT, first to flash show short when CURRENT value according to the CURRENT key, you can select charging CURRENT (A/A / 0.50 0.30 0.70 2.00 1.00 A/A/A) (note: in the first 1/3/6/8 slot maximum charging CURRENT is 2.0 A, 1.0 A maximum in the first 2/4/5/7 slots). The charging current between the first and second slots, the third and fourth slots, the fifth and sixth slots, and the seventh and eighth slots will not exceed 2A in total, that is, when one slot is charged with 2A current, and then put the battery into the other slot, the 2A current will fall back to 1A current charging;

4.2Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery (1.20V) charging current is fixed at 0.50A, and current cannot be selected;

4.3 The nickel metal hydride (9.0V) rechargeable battery can be charged in a specific place, and two batteries can be charged at the same time. The charging current of each battery is about 85mA;

5. When charging, the LCD can display the battery symbol/CH and the groove groove tao battery type/charging current A/V battery voltage, charging time h/charging capacity mAh and percentage % / battery internal resistance m Ω data; When the battery is full, the data on the LCD will be saved and displayed at 100%. The battery symbol will not move when the battery is full. Each slot pair should have red and green indicator LED lights. The red light will be on when charging, the green light will be on when standby and stop charging, and the red light will flash warning when the battery or slot channel is abnormal (short circuit/reverse connection, etc.);

6. The system can automatically identify lithium battery 3.70V and nickel metal hydride/nickel cadmium (1.20V) batteries. Press MODE button to manually select lithium iron phosphate battery 3.20V and lithium iron 3.80V batteries (IMR).

7. With activation function of 0V voltage, 1.65-2.20V cannot be charged (but there will be activation current trickling charging);

8. It has multiple safety protection functions, such as overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, reverse connection, etc. At the same time, it can automatically identify the bad battery intelligently;

9. Charging mode: constant current and constant voltage.

Iii. Button and Display:

1. The key:

1.1 Button MODE (charging MODE) : This button is the battery type selection key; Click MODE to select the types of rechargeable batteries (Li-Ion-3.70V, Li-Ion-3.80V and LifePO4-3.20V), but other types cannot be selected when ni-MH/NICd-1.20V are charged. During charging, long press the MODE key to re-select the type of rechargeable battery, but the previous charging data will not be saved.

1.2 Press NEXT (NEXT channel) : This button is 1 to 8 channel query key. Click this key once to display charging data from low channel to high channel (CH1CH8 direction); Long press this button to make the display screen in the state of constant light, long press again to remove the constant light;

1.3 PREV (previous channel) : This button is the 8 to 1 channel query key. Once clicked, the channel displays charging data from high channel to low channel (CH8CH1 direction); Long press this button to make the display screen in the state of constant light, long press again to remove the constant light;

1.4 CURRENT (CURRENT adjustment) : This button is the charging CURRENT selection button; The system will automatically configure the current according to the internal resistance of the battery. To change the charging CURRENT of a channel, click NEXT or PREV to display the channel, and then press CURRENT for a long time. When the CURRENT value is flashed, press CURRENT for a short time to change the charging CURRENT of the channel. To make the charging CURRENT of all the battery channels the same, long press CURRENT first and then short press to adjust the CURRENT when the battery type is still flashing. At this time, the CURRENT value of all the channels is the same.

2. LCD display and indicator light:

2.1 After the charger is connected to the power supply, the LCD display will display null for about 3 seconds. Meanwhile, the indicator light corresponding to the channel will first turn red, then turn green and then turn off. When null is displayed, the green light will always turn on; Standby; 9V charging channel indicator light is always on green for charging;

2.2 when testing A battery, LCD will display A battery symbol/CH and the groove groove tao cell types (Li - ion - 3.70 V, the Li - ion -, LiFePO4-3.20 V, 3.80 V Ni MH/Nicd - 1.20 - V)/charging current A/V battery voltage, charging time mAh and h/volume percentage % / battery internal resistance m Ω data, such as the selected type of rechargeable battery (for example, 3.20 V / 3.80 V or default) and charging current after stop operation, the battery type 7 flashes, about 9 seconds after formally to the battery to charge, At this time, the battery symbol cycle ladder rises, indicating that the charging is going on, and the corresponding channel indicator lights up red;

During charging, you can click NEXT or PREV to query the battery parameters of each slot. When the LCD is in the dark screen, click any key will light up the screen; Among them, long press NEXT or PREV key can make the LCD in the normal state; When the battery symbol is fully charged, it will be displayed at 100%. The charging parameters will be saved and the indicator light will always turn green.

2.3 When abnormal conditions (short circuit/reverse connection, etc.) are detected in the battery or channel, the screen will display CH, Err, all battery symbols and the battery symbol of the corresponding channel will flash full grid, and the corresponding indicator light will flash red for warning. When the 9V charging channel detects abnormal battery or channel (short circuit/reverse connection, etc.), there will be no change in the screen display, but the red light will always be on at the same time.

*LCD display reference figure:

Iv. Electrical technical Parameters:

1. Input power supply: DC 12.0V 4.0A

2. Output voltage: DC 4.20V for Li-ion

4.35 V DC for IMR

3.65 V DC for LiFePO4

1.48 V DC for the NiMH/Ni - CD

9.0 V DC for the NiMH

3. Output current:

Li-ion/IMR/LiFePO4:2.00A*4(1/3/6/8 channel only), 0.30A /0.50A/0.70A/1.00A*8

The NiMH/Nicd: 0.50 A * 8

NiMH-9V: 85mA*2

4. Constant current/constant voltage charging, cut-off current: 100mA;

5. No-load standby current: <50mA;

V. Types and models of compatible batteries

Li-ion/IMR/LiFePO4: 26650,21700,20700, 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440


Vi. Charger Size:

195.0mm× 142.5mm×35.0mm(Length/width/height)

Weight: G (excluding data cable)