LiitoKala LII-S6 Battery Charger 6 LCD Display Auto Detection 18650 Lithium LiFePO4 Ni-MH Cd AA AAA

  • ₱1,395.00

* AUTO-POLARITY DETECTION: When using, it is not necessary to distinguish between positive and negative.

* 6 Slot independent control. Different types of batteries such as NiMH and Li-ion can be charged simultaneously. Compatible with Li-ion (4.20V / 4.35V) / IMR / INR / ICR / LiFePO4 (3.60V) and NiMH / Cd (1.2V) batteries.

* Use a large, high-definition LCD screen to display battery information in real time.

* The charger's 1,3,6 Slot can get 2A fast charge.

* Warranty for 12 months. If you are damaged during use within 12 months, you can contact us to replace the new one.

* Product included: Lii-S6 Charger*1, 12V / 3A adapter (US)*1, 12V Car cable*1, user manual*1.