LiitoKala Lii-M4 Lithium Battery charger Tester Discharger for 18650 26650 AA AAA LCD display

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1. Type-c interface 5.0V input;

2. Two optional charging currents: 500mA/1000mA;

3. Battery capacity detection function;

4. Different specifications (18650/26650/... /AA/AAA) Charging the battery at the same time;

5. A separate LCD screen should be used to display the working mode (CHARGE and TEST), battery voltage (V), working current (mA), charging time (h), battery capacity (mAh), power percentage (%) and other parameters at a clear glance;

6. In CHARGE mode, 4 channels can work independently, and different charging currents can be selected to work simultaneously;

7.TEST mode: The normal TEST process of battery capacity consists of three steps (1 full charge,2 discharge, and 3 full charge).

8.CHARGE and TEST can work simultaneously; Independently set charging capacity test/normal capacity test function, no separate discharge test function;

9. Multiple protection function: the overcharge discharge voltage, short circuit, 0 V activation function, (- Δ Δ V & 0 V), 1.65 V to 2.2 V cannot charge function, bad battery intelligent recognition and reverse connect battery detection protection;

10. With standard 5V/1000 mA USB output.

Description of key points

The charger has 4 key points: MODE selection point, channel 1-2 query point, channel 3-4 query point, and CURRENT selection point. These 4 keys also have the function of lighting LCD backlight, which is simple and convenient to use.

1.MODE key: MODE selection; Including CHARGE charging mode and TEST capacity detection mode; Usually, long press MODE to switch CHARGE MODE or TEST capacity detection MODE: first, gently press 1-2 or 3-4 to select channel, then long press MODE to change MODE and press CURRENT to change CURRENT. After selecting MODE, no action is taken for 8s to enter the working state, which is easy to operate.

2.1-2 channel keys: corresponding to channel 1 and 2; Press the button continuously to select and view channel 1 and channel 2 data in turn;

3. Channel 3-4: corresponding to channel 3 and 4; Press the button continuously to select and view channel 3 and channel 4 data in turn;

4.CURRENT key: CURRENT selection; Li-ion:500mA/1000mA Ni-MH/ NI-CD :500mA; Long press this key to control the LCD display;

The charger can press the corresponding function key to change independent charging or different current selection, and different battery charging, easy to operate; In the working state, you can gently press (1-2, 3-4) key points to check the corresponding channel current (mA)/capacity (mAh)/ voltage (V)/ time (h) and other data reference values.