LiitoKala Lii-L4 Lii-L2 Li ion Battery Charger Lithium Ion 18650 26650 21700 Li-ion rechargeable

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Lii-L2 is specially designed by LiitoKala Power Co., LTD. taking into account the wishes of the market and customer requirements. Lithium-ion battery charger (4.20V) is simple and practical. The main part of the product is a highly efficient integrated chip that converts the power supply voltage to battery charging voltage. The product has two independent charger slots for charging any type and capacity of lithium-ion batteries in DC mode. We will tell you in more detail about the characteristics of the product.


1.Input voltage: DC 5V / 1A.

2.Output voltage without load: 4.20V.

3.Charging current: 500 mA (2 slots for lithium-ion batteries).

4.Protection method: protection against short circuit, overcurrent, protection against battery re-installation.

5.Case material: ABS + PC + fire retardant material.

6.Working temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius.


Green light indicates that the device is in standby mode or the battery is full.

Red light - the device is in the process of charging.


- This product can only charge lithium-ion batteries. If you try to force another type of battery, the battery or charger may be damaged.

- The device is suitable for charging indoors or in the car. Do not use it outdoors in the rain, snow, under direct sunlight, at too high or low ambient temperatures. Use this charger in the temperature range of 0-40 degrees Celsius.

- Do not use the device by children without adult supervision.

- Do not disassemble or assemble this charger.

Warranty service period - 1 year from the date of purchase.

The warranty does not cover the following situations:

1.Man-made damage, disassembly, product modification.

2.Damage due to violations of the rules of operation.

3.Damage due to improper battery use.