LiitoKala DIY Power Bank Lii-MP2 21700 18650 Battery QC3.0 Fast Charging Type-C Input

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Note: Batteries not included 18650 and 21700

Package included:

1 x LiitoKala Lii-MP2 Power Bank


Model: Lii-MP2

input: QC3.0&PD3.0(DC:9V2A/12V1.5A)DC:5V2A

Constant charging current(auto-selcletive): 2Ax2 / 2Ax1 / 1Ax2

USB Power bank output: QC3.0&PD3.0(DC:9V2A/12V1.5A)DC:5V2A

Charge cut off voltage: 4.20±0.05v

Charge cutoff current: ≤120mA

Operation temp.range: 0-40℃

Operation instruction:

1. Cylindrical battery charging function

Connect the power supply, put in the lithium-Ion battery, then the charger will automatically start charging the battery. The input is compatible with a variety of fast charging protocols. When the power supply has fast charging protocols QC3.0 & PD3.0, the input voltage and current will be 9V2A / 12V1.5A, and both slotshave 2A charging current; when the power supply has no fast charging protocols, the default input is 5V2A, output current 2A*1 or 1A*2.

2.USB power bank output function

Put in two or one lithium-Ion batteries(max capacity up to 10Ah), when connecting the external device(mobile phone etc), the charger will automatically charge the external device. The output is compatible with a variety of fast charging protocols. When the external device does not support fast charging, the output is 5V2A by default. When the external device supports fast charging protocols, the output will be according to the voltage and current requested by the external device, and the maximum power is 18W.

Note: the type-C and USB interfaces can charge two external devices at the same time.

3.3.0V activation function

When the battery is inserted, the charger will automatically detect and activate the battery. If the battery cannot be activated, it will be judged as damaged battery. At this time, the charger’s digital tube displays "0%, 00.0v, 0.0A".

4. About buttons:

●When charging, press the button to switch the display contents, and the default display is the percentage of input voltage, current and battery energy. Click the button to display the charging voltage and current of battery and the energy percentage in slot 1 (B1), and press again to display the charging voltage/ current of battery / engery percentage in slot 2 (B2). Press again to return to the input display.

●in standby mode, click the button to track the power consumption. Meaning of digital tube indication

●"In": input / charging output

●"Out": USB power bank output

●"PD": fast charging protocols QC3.0 & PD3.0

●“%”Energy percentage( percentage of one battery / average percentage of two batteries "B1" or "B2" (channel 1 or channel 2)

After-sale service:

Please provide the product with warranty number and invoice (or receipt) to the dealer for after-sales service.

●12 months free warranty. Maintenance beyond the warranty period requires you to pay for materials and transportation costs. Before you decide whether to repair or not, the dealer will tell you the cost.

●Technical support during life time of the product: .