• ₱23,333.00

Kingroon KLP1 is a fast-print-speed CoreXY 3D printer with Klipper firmware and a protective enclosure. With Klipper firmware features, Kingroon KLP1 let people print at high speed and with great quality.

All-in-one Klipper Mainboard
Kingroon KLP1 has a powerful mainboard with Klipper firmware installed. No Raspberry Pi is required.

500mm/s High-Speed Print
High-quality print with less waiting time. Kingroon KLP1 has 500mm/s high-speed printing & 10000mm/s² acceleration. The built-in ADXL345 module ensures you high-quality print under fast print speed with active vibration compensation.

CoreXY Structure & Linear Rail Guides(X&Y axis)
Kingroon KLP1 is a CoreXY 3D Printer with linear guides on the X-axis and Y-axis, which makes the printer accurate, fast, and durable during fast movement.

5:1 Gear Ratio
5:1 Gear Ratio, all metal, 9500 ring 5015 bearing fan, CHC hotend, smart micro processors, the new extruder means powerful extrusion and better cooling system.

Easy Access with Multi Interface Options
With the Internet connection, any screen can be your printer screen, you can control Kingroon KLP1 anyhow, anytime and anywhere.

Auto Bed Leveling
The auto bed leveling comes to Kingroon KLP1, with its new bed structure, it’s fully ABL.

Printing Technology: FDM
Build Volume: 210*210*210mm
Product Dimensions: 400*420*420mm
Package Dimensions: 422*492*72mm
Net Weight: 15.72kg
Printing Speed: ≤500mm/s
Acceleration: ≤20000mm/s²
Firmware: Klipper
Printing Accuracy: 100±0.1mm
Layer Height: 0.1-0.35mm
Extruder: Dual-gear direct drive extruder
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm(compatible with 0.6/0.8mm)
Nozzle Temperature: ≤300℃
Heatbed Temperature: ≤100℃
Build Surface: Flexible build plate
Leveling Mode: Hands-free auto leveling
File Transfer: USB drive, WiFi
Power Loss Recovery: Yes
Filament Runout Sensor: Yes
Input Shaping: Yes
Lighting Kit: Yes
Sleep Mode: Yes
Machine Power: 240W
Input Voltage: 110V-220V
Power Supply: 24V12.5A, 300W
Filaments: ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU, WOOD, ETC.
Feeder System: Direct Extruder
Print Bed: Heated bed with PEI Sheet
File Formats for Slicing: STL, OBJ, AMF
Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese,
Italian, Nederlands, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese