JK SMART BMS 12v 24v 48v Active Balance 7S to 24S 40A to 200A Lifepo4 Lithium ion 32700 21700 18650

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- This is an Active BMS, it supports 7S-24S of Li ion and 8S-24S of LiFePo4

- 40 to 200A continuous current

- It also has 0.4A 0.6A 1A 2A active equalization current

- It can set up the equalization voltage and the charge & discharge protection parameter through APP

- It can display the single series of battery voltage

- After connected the BMS, please use the power supply which is 5v greater than battery voltage to activate it

Product character

1. Active balance functionality, no need to lose the battery capacity to balance the voltage difference of sells, raise the battery usage efficiency for 95%

2. It has the protections of Over-charge/Over-discharge/Over-current and Short circuit etc...

3. Single battery series voltage range is 1~5V, the precision is 5mV

4. With the function of coulomb meter, the remaining power is very clear

5. BT communication function, the battery status can be displayed on APP

6. RS486 and CAN are customizable