JK Inverter Smart BMS 8-16S 100A-200A RS485 CAN Active balancer 2A Solar Home Battery Storage system

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product advantages:
◆Active balance, good durability, long life, good balance and stable performance
◆Real-time active energy transfer equalization with supercapacitor as the medium (patent number: ZL 2019 2 0479589.6)
◆Single voltage range 1V~5V, equalization accuracy ±5mV
◆It can achieve 2-10A continuous balanced current, ensure battery consistency, improve battery cruising range, and delay battery aging.
◆Mobile phone Bluetooth communication, equipped with mobile APP, real-time view of battery status, support Android and IOS operating systems.
◆Support balanced cascading, suitable for more than 24 battery packs.
◆Suitable for lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium, lithium titanate and other battery types.

1 * BMS
1 *1 Interface Board
1 * B+Cable
4 * Screws
1 * adapter cable
1 * adapter cable
1 * adapter cable
1 * Trunk interface
1 * RJ45 Cable
2 * Sampling cable
2 * Sampling cable
1 * Heating Adapter cable


1. We've actually tested and matched most of the inverter brands on the market. and they work very well,and the BMS can also work offline without battery connection
This is the inverter brand we have actually tested: Pylontech, Growatt, DEYE,Victron
2. We use the CANBUS/RS485 communication protocol to communicate with the inverter, and BMS actively uploads the battery pack data, which is more secure

● Active Balance
● LED Display
● APP Operation
● Over-voltage & Over-current protection
● Support Software
● LCD display Data
● Support RS485\CAN\RS232 communcations
● High accuracy voltage
● Capacity calculation
● High accuracy current
● Accurate time logging
● Isolated power supply circuit
● Short circuit protection
● 4-way temperature detection protection
● MOS Temperature detection and protection
● Parallel communication: It supports Max. 16 BMSs communication in parallel connection(Only BMS to BMS communication ok, does not support batteries in parallel connection)