ELEJOY solar panel tester smart MPPT 400w 800w 1600w solar multimeter test power current

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Model: WS400W EY800W EY1600W

Original ELEJOY factory

Independent research and development

Patented chip

Product function:

This solar panel multimeter can test the maximum power point and open circuit voltage of photovoltaic panel.

Notice: The multimeter is directly powered by solar panels without additional batteries.

Product feature:

1. AUTO MPPT test

2. Manual MPPT test

3. Over-voltage, over-temperature, over-current protection

4. Over rated power protection

5. No additional power supply required

Use object:

1. Solar panel manufacturer

2. Solar panel distributor

3. Solar panel user

4. Solar panel fans

Key instructions:


When pressing the AUTO test button, the instrument automatically adjusts the test interval time according to the current power value and refreshes the digital display.

For example: when the power of photovoltaic panel is 100W, refresh once every 5S; when the power is 300W, refresh once every 15s.


When pressing the manual test button, the instrument starts a scan of the maximum power point and refreshes the digital display.


1. Please be sure to use this product within the rated voltage and current power range.

2. Please be sure to disconnect the photovoltaic board from other equipment or loads before testing.