CHOETECH Invisible Wireless Charger 10W Undertable Fast Wireless Charging Pad T590-F

  • ₱1,349.00

CHOETECH T590-F Wireless Charger

- Wireless charging has never been this phenomenal. Fast, easy, clutter-free, invisible, and eye-catchy.

- Choetech Invisible/undertable wireless charger for invisible/hidden installation that brings convenient, fast and cable-free charging into all sorts of environments(public, office, home, restaurant, etc.). Universally-compatible, Qi-certified charging pads are easily installed at any location to provide an enhanced user experience in any environment.

- It removes wire from wireless charger and transforms any surface into a fast-charging dock. And the best thing is you won't have to deal with wires or cluttered surfaces; it is a convenient and neat way to keep your phone powered up and the surroundings clutter-free.

- Install Choetech Invisible wireless charger is very easy, no construction experience required. A true Plug-and-Play experience.

- Come with US charger and 1.5m DC Port cable


- Model: T590-F

- Input voltage range: 7.5-13.1V DC

- Rated input voltage: 12V DC

- Working distance: 13mm-30mm

- Standby loss: <0.5W

- Rated input current: 0.73A@30mm 5W (fixture)

- Input efficiency: >65% @30mm 5W (fixture) >75% @20mm 10W (fixture)

- Working frequency: 12OkHz-175kHz

- Input current protection value (not in power transmission mode): 0.5A DC

- Input current protection value (has entered power transmission mode): 1.7A DC

- Coil voltage protection value (has entered the power transmission mode): 250V (top value)

- Working temperature protection value: 85

-Input undervoltage value: 7.5V