Choetech 36W fast car charger USB Type C PD USB QC3.0 3A 36W black TC0005

  • ₱299.00

Choetech fast car charger USB Type C PD / USB QC3.0 3A 36W black (TC0005)

Do you want to charge various types of devices as quickly as possible while driving? Thanks to the Choetech TC0005 charger, it is extremely comfortable. The device is equipped with two ports, the first is a standard USB Quick Charge 3.0 input, and the second - USB Type C with PowerDelivery 18W technology. Thanks to this, you have access to power for various types of equipment at your fingertips. In addition, charging is really fast, thanks to a total maximum power of 36 watts.


- Brand: Choetech

- Type: car charger

- Number of ports: 2

- Input current: DC 12-24V

- Types of ports: USB and USB Type C,

- USB (QC3.0): 3.6-6V / 2A, 6-9V / 2A, 9-12V / 1.5A

- USB Type C (PD): 5V / 3A, 9V / 2A

- USB1 + USB2 output power: 36W Max

Set contains:

1 x car charger

The most important features:

- Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery fast charging

- Simultaneous charging of two devices

- Cigarette lighter powered

- Compatible with iOS, Android

- Intelligent charging

- Compact dimensions

- Minimalist design

- High temperature resistant

Fast charging

The Choetech TC0005 charger with an output power of 36 watts ensures very fast charging. Using the USB Type-C port, you can fill your device's battery to a half in just 45 minutes. It is almost 3 times faster energy transfer than in standard chargers used in cars. Despite such high power, you do not have to worry about safety - the power distribution is optimally controlled by an internal chip.

Two different USB ports

Two USB ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time, regardless of the plug they are equipped with. The charger includes a standard USB port and USB Type C enriched with Power Delivery technology. USB Type C is a port popular, among others, in smartphones, which is why the Choetech TC0005 charger is a device that is worth having with you during every trip.

Compact sizes

The manufacturer made sure that the charger does not take up too much space, so its dimensions are really compact. The device is almost completely hidden in the cigarette lighter socket, giving the impression of a factory-fitted element of the vehicle.