Atorch DT24PW 0V~240V 0~300A Display DC Power Supply Voltmeter Ammeter Battery Capacity Tester

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Product use: This product is used to test the capacity of various batteries, discharge and age various power adapters, and detect the voltage, current, and other parameters of various DC power supplies.
Product Size:
Installation size: length 76mm X width 53mm
Panel size: length 85.7mm X width 63mm
Electrical parameters:
Voltage measurement range under test voltage power supply mode:8 ~ 240V
Voltage measurement range in independent voltage supply mode: 0 ~ 240V
Measuring power range: 0 ~ 240000W (0 ~ 240 KW)
Measuring current range: 0.1 ~ 300A
Reminder: If you enable the external power-off relay, please be sure to supply the system with independent power supply 9V~24V /> 1A power supply to avoid the failure of the relay control current and system instability