ATORCH DC Current Meters digital voltmeter ammeter voltage amperimetro wattmeter volt capacity tester indicator lcd monitor

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Product introduction:

8 in 1 measurement: voltage, current, power, battery capacity, impedance, parameters such as temperature, energy and time, external waterproof temperature probe.


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Input/output interface: 20 A Large current copper nose screw
Voltage range: 0.00 V ~ 300 V Resolution precision: 0.05 V
Current range: 0.00 A ~ 20 A Resolution precision: 0.05 A
Capacity range: 0 ~ 999.999 Ah Resolution precision: 0.01 Ah
Power cumulative range: 0 ~ 99999.9 Wh Resolution precision: 0.01 Wh
Power range: 000.00 ~ 2999.99 W Resolution precision : 0.01 W
Impedance range: 1 ~ 999.9 Resolution precision: 0.1
Temperature range: 0 ~ 99 ℃ Resolution precision: 1℃
Timing maximum time: 999H59M59S Resolution precision: 1S
Timing remind Settings: the countdown 24 hours of any value
Small current standby alert threshold parameters: < 2 W / 0.5 H
Small voltage power supply requirements: measuring < 7.8V
low voltage, please supply independent power supply interface
Range of 4 ~ 30V dc power supply voltage to the measurement system
Time to refresh: > 500 ms/time > 500 ms/times
Measurement rate: 0.5 times per second
Over-voltage over-current set the alarm mode: display warning interface
to alert users
Overpressure to remind the set range: 1 ~ 300V
Low pressure remind set range: 0 ~ 149V
Flow to remind the set range: 0.2 ~ 100A
Display type: micro power consumption of LCD module LCM black font
green backlit display in both Chinese and English
Product size: 105 x 81 x 17mm
Since the power flow: < 0.02 A
Working temperature: - 10 ~ + 60 degrees Celsius - 10 ~ + 60 ℃
Working humidity: 10 ~ 80 (dew) undoubtedly 10 ~ 80 (no doubt)
The pressure of work: 80 ~ 106 kpa
Operation method:
Keystrokes using method and the capacity, power, time reset Settings:
1) Reset button long-press all data
2) Quickly button twice - capacity Reset (mAh)
3) Quickly button three - power reset(Wh)
4) Quickly button four - time reset(00:00:00)
5) Quickly button five - Set up automatic standby
and Discharge the countdown to remind regularly
6)When no load output no-load, quick seven keys,
and for the current zero to zero in the current
environment temperature for accurate calibration,
so more can do more accurate measurement in
small current.
7)Click the switch interface, in the high voltage
low voltage when backlit parameter Settings,
by double Strike and three strikes for parameter
adjustment, the adjustment process long press
is a continuous fast speed value adjustment.
Key functions:
1) Keep Press long time the key: Zero all data(mAh,Wh,00:00:00)
2) Double-click the key: for the Capacity data reset to zero
3) Three-click the key:for the electric quantity data reset to zero
4) Four-click the key: for the time data reset to zero
5) Five-click the key: Auto-Standby Mode & Timer for discharge alert
6) Single-click to change the window, entering the setup window for
high&Low Voltage background light, adjust the parameters by
double-clicking or three-clicking, click-holding for continuous and
quick adjust.
7) Without load,quickly click the key for 7 times, for current data
reset to zero(0.00A).It is for Precise calibration in local circumstance,
so that the small current could be precisely measured.
8) Keep pressing the key when power-off, then power-on, entering
the Background setup window for High&Low Voltage over-load,
single-click or double-click to adjust the parameters, keep press
the key long time to reset to the default setup
(Note: Please don't calibrate the voltage or current if without
standard instruments)






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Product function characteristics

DC Voltmeter 300V 20A LCD display monitor tester Current Meters Charger voltage ammeter battery power supply capacity detection

Product function characteristics

High-precision 3-bit measurement of the fever of wide-voltage high-current measurement of 1500W high-power meter, single screen can monitor the display of DC voltage, current, capacity, power, temperature, current time of small equipment, the use of imported sampling devices , High-definition LCM LCD and resolution of 128 * 64 = 8192 pixels dot matrix HD display and built-in Chinese English font, making the measurement more abundant, At the same time, but also to set the countdown and intelligent automatic standby and other operations, so that higher playability, built-in system buzzer through the button to set the battery discharge voltage threshold alarm reminder in order to measure the discharge of the battery display and buzzer alarm Double tips, to prevent the battery measurement of low-voltage threshold over-discharge the possibility of damage to the battery to improve the playability of the playability of the battery security, the torch for the technology The independent power supply wiring, you can DIY wiring measurement 0-100V of various Lithium batteries, polymers, cell phone batteries, nickel cadmium, nickel hydrogen and other alkaline acid batteries, and various power DC output.

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