Atorch AT4PW 100A Smart WIFI Din Rail Smart Switch Digital Power Energy Volt Amp Google Home

  • ₱1,600.00


Product name: Wifi networking 4P rail meter or Bluetooth

Voice Control: Support

Power range: 0-26.5KW

Mobile phone remote: support Wifi remote operation or Bluetooth

Built-in relay switch: support

Power-off memory: support

Measurement accuracy: ±1%

Power statistics: support

Power-off memory: support

Current and voltage range: AC85-265v 50 /60Hz 0-100A

Bluetooth connection: not supported

Wifi networking: support

Formaldehyde concentration: supported when the network is normal

Temperature/Calendar: Supported when internet connection is normal

Air humidity: supported when the network is normal


35mm guide rail slot installation:

- It adopts universal 35mm standard guide rail to install, no need for screws, and it is fastened by clips, which is convenient and convenient to install.

There are many visualizations of electricity consumption, and a variety of high-color screen interface designs:

-The high-end and high-cost "2.4-inch high-definition color Chinese and English display screen brings a different color visual experience, and a variety of functional interface contents are designed. Various parameters are displayed on one screen, and different functional interfaces can be switched by short pressing the button, etc.

The power data reset function can also reset the power of the mobile phone remotely:

-The reset function can easily test the power consumption of home appliances and equipment, and the operation method is simple and easy to use.

- Method 1: Press and hold the M key to enter the background of the meter AT4PB, select the accumulated data reset, and the data can be reset immediately

- Method 2: Clear the battery data by remote operation on the smart life APP of the mobile phone

Mobile phone remote query a variety of record functions:

Download the smart life APP, realize long-distance communication, and remotely view various records on the mobile phone: various warning records, battery recharge records, various operation records, etc.

Add a "smart switch" to the meter, and the mobile phone can remotely add a timing function:

Through the smart life APP, you can realize the remote operation of the mobile phone, you can add multiple sets of timing data, and set the power-on time. When the power-on time is over, you can automatically disconnect the power supply, or turn on the power. Remote switch on and off the meter to avoid arrears/non-payment of electricity bills, and remote power off