Atorch AT2630 AC 220v Tester Ammeter Voltmeter Digital Wattmeter Voltage Current Power Meter

  • ₱3,500.00

Product description
Instrument power supply: AC85~265V
Measuring voltage range: AC0~300V
Measuring current range: 0~35A
Measuring power range: 0~17500W (active power)

- Smart Bluetooth Digital Transmission Parameter Measuring Instrument: One has multiple instruments, one thing is multi-purpose. High-precision, high-end technology; supports wireless data transmission curve version of multi-function AC energy meter
- Support 3 major upper-level connections: system APP software Apple/Android/PC computer wireless connection. All kinds of measurement parameters are available, adapt to various measurement applications of AC power and electricity, and test all kinds of electrical appliances, etc.
- One meter for multiple uses: voltmeter, ammeter, power meter, frequency meter, power factor meter, electricity meter, carbon dioxide meter, thermometer meter, electricity meter, etc
- Can detect the voltage value of various electrical appliances, both high and low voltage are compatible with the test voltage range: AC50~300V; various household appliances, the test current range: 0~35A, the test power can reach 10500W; various voltages, currents, and electricity and electricity costs, 12 One-screen measurement of large parameters
- Fully automatic fine monitoring: over-voltage, over-current, over-power, low-voltage safety alarm prompts, safe electrical appliance protection alarms