1 PC Tinned Copper Terminal lugs SC Series connector ring Solar lifepo4 SC2.5 SC4 SC150 14 to 0 AWG

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- Material: high quality material, not easy to rust, strong stability, strong and stable, long service life
- Strong Curl : We use thick copper to ensure strong curl. Brazed seam terminal barrel will not split during crimping
- Improved Conductivity : Pure copper terminals ensure the highest current. The tin top coating protects the connector from corrosion.
- Wide range of applications: Good electrical conductivity and water resistance provide a durable connection for your automotive, motorcycle and marine applications. Widely used in multiple projects for your vehicle or ATV lighting, motorcycle audio, marine electronics, equipment switches.

AWG 16~14 - SC2.5
AWG 14~12 - SC4
AWG 12~10 - SC6
AWG 8.0 - SC10
AWG 6.0 - SC16
AWG 4.0 - SC25
AWG 2.0 - SC35
AWG 1.0 - SC50
AWG 1/0 - SC70
AWG 3/0 - SC95
AWG 4/0 - SC120
AWG 250/300 - SC150

Made in Pure Copper
Tin Plated
Seamless Tubular
Crimped Type
High Temperature Resist
Correct Ampacity Rating According to Sizes
Use for Industrial Electrical Wirings
Sizes Imprinted on Terminals