1 meter / 3.3ft Pure nickel strip lithium ion 1P 2P 18650 21700 Holders lifepo4 battery

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Pure Nickel Strip

Pure nickel tabbing strip is used to weld together lithium battery packs from 18650's or other cells using a pulse welder. It is fast, efficient, and neat. It will work with most 18650 holders like in the picture.

- It is pure nickel, not iron core. This means it will never rust and has the lowest possible resistance that pure nickel can offer. Compared to cheap iron core strips, it is a little more difficult to weld. For example, if using the popular Sunkko welders with the hand wand tool, you may have to double or triple tap the junction, where iron filled strips stick immediately, pure nickel dissipates heat so fast, that you need a higher current to weld it. But it's so worth it.

Specifications - Nickel Strip
Type: Nickel strip
Purity: 3N 99.9
Thickness: 0.15 mm