0.5 Meter 8AWG 6AWG 4AWG 2AWG 0AWG Gauge Wire Silicone Cable Flexible Cable Red or Black

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Sold per 0.5 meter or 1/2 meter

Our high quality silicone wire cable is super flexible thanks to a structure consisting of a high quantity of very fine stranded tinned copper wire. The tinned copper conductor makes this cable very easily soldered to connectors and connections. The soft, flexible and durable silicone insulator makes for a strong, long lasting cable which is also resistant to many solvents, lubricants and chemicals. This makes our flexible silicone wire cable perfect for various hobby, electrical and industrial applications.


Nominal voltage: 600V

Temperature range: 200C

Standard: UL 758

Conductor: Tinned copper wire

Insulation: Silicone Rubber

Super Flexible 680 Strands of copper wire - highly efficient

OD tolerance:±0.1MM