Power Central Battery Equalizer Balancer 4 x 12V 48V Lifepo4 Lead acid Bluetooth LED 51.2V 12.8V

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What is battery equalizer?
Battery equalizer (BE) is used for 4 x 12V Lifepo4 and Lead acid batteries in series to crealte a 48V system/batteries bank to keep battery voltage balance. In order to extent battery’s lifetime.

How does it work?
Battery equalizer can realize bidirectional voltage compensation for the series battery pack. When
there is 20mV different between batteries, the battery equalizer start working until the battery’s voltage is
balanced. It can be always connected in the batteries system to keep the system energy balance

Battery nominal voltage: 4*12V
Balance current: 0-10A
Quiescent current: <3mA
Dimensions: 70*70*27 mm
Protection: Reverse polarity protection
Low Voltage Disconnect: 10V

for Bluetooth version
Please download “Blackbox Battery Equalizer” APP and connect via bluetooth
you can check all the battery voltages connected to the current equalizer, and also view the historical voltage curve, 7-14-28 Days of data are available, making it easier and more convenient for users to manage the battery.