Fiber glass tape 50mm x 50M Adhesive tape Heavy Duty Fiberglass Reinforced ebikes scooters battery

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Type of Adhesive: Synthetic Rubber and Resin

Backing Material: PET

Reinforcement: Fiberglass

Thickness(mm): 0.15mm

Width: 50mm/20mm

Length: 50M

Peel Adhesion(N/25mm): 25(N/mm)

Tensile Strength(N/mm): 85(N/25mm)

Elongation(%): 5%

Holding Power(hours): ≥36

Service Tem-Min: -20℃

Service Tem-Max: 130℃

Color: Clear

What are the Applications of our fiberglass self-adhesive tape ?

Suitable for heavy objects battery builds, strapping, pipe strapping, pallets fixing, reinforced marine, carton, packing, ect

1,Polyester/glass construction means real and lasting strength; as well as being waterproof.

2,For wall renovation, decoration, wall cracks, holes and drywall, can also be glued gypsum board, cement and other buliding

materials to completely prevent the cracks in the waller and comers.

3,Suitable for fixing the moving parts of household electrical appliances and other industries.