1 Meter 100mm Barley Paper Adhesive 0.3mm Thickness Insulation Paper e bike e scooter battery

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Best use for Electric bike, Scooter, Solar batteries

Main Feature of Flame Retardant Barely Paper :

1, Heat-resistance:E class 120-200 degrees

2, High dielectric property,Rated Voltage: 6-7KV

3,Thickness(mm): 0.3mm

4, Size: 1 Meter in Length 100mm width

5, Insulation & Flame retardant board.

6, Better protection to avoid short circuit on batteries. Easy peel and stick

7, It is especially resistant to the corrosion of acid and alkali, tear resistance and wear resistance. Tear strength, rupture work and dynamic strength are very high

8, Good insulation, flexibility, water resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, good gap material

9, It has the functions of insulation, shielding and anti-interference, providing high electrical insulation, mechanical strength, softness and elasticity.